8 reasons to eat bananas

8 reasons to eat bananas

Sometimes it’s hard to kill that “sugar craving” that anyone who is doing food reeducation knows so well. Bananas are a perfect solution to end this gluttony as well as having numerous benefits.

The banana is perfect as a snack, in smoothies, cakes, energetic bars and more. Find out now the 8 reasons to eat bananas.

  1. The banana helps regulate the intestines.
  2. Decreases stress and irritability during PMS
  3. Contains less sugar than most breakfast cereals
  4. A banana contains more fiber than most cereal bars on the market (and contains no artificial sugars or preservatives!)
  5. It has five times more magnesium than lettuce
  6. Helps reduce cramps
  7. Helps relax muscles after workout
  8. Helps fight insomnia

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